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In 1963, my mother took her first teaching post in Hong Kong and with her pocket money, commissioned a local tailor to make her a few custom made dresses for work. The dresses were beautiful: clean, simple lines, exquisite fabrics and fine tailoring, where the inside of the dress was almost as beautiful as the exterior. It sparked in me a passion for the clothing and design aesthetics of the 1960s.  While the vintage beauty of my mom's dresses from that period is indeed evident, I am also struck by how modern they seem.

I grew up in Michigan, but our family took frequent trips to Hong Kong. It was there that I had my own first experience with tailor-made clothing. One day I was shown a beautiful burgundy suede fabric and the next day, the cloth was transformed into a smart girl's blazer, perfectly cut to size with my name monogrammed on the inner pocket. It said Natalie, but my family and friends always called me “Natty”.

Having my own children has been an intense reliving of my childhood. I want for them to experience all that created my fondest memories: food, places, activities and of course, clothing. I am constantly inspired by design, ideas and images that hearken back to a slower, simpler time.

Natty is a modern clothing collection for kids with a definite nod to past iconic styles. Our clothes are made with exquisite fabrics and an eye for fine tailoring and detailing. I hope this collection will bring back fond memories of your own and create some new ones for you and your children.